24K White (Customized)

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This product accompanied in an excellent way to any food or any occasion, above all, it is a unique product for important moments

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Varieties.- Chardonnay, Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Perelada for the White, are mixed in the appropriate proportions to maintain the quality line and ensure the consumer a product of the highest quality and 100% Pinot Noir for the Rosè, both made by the traditional champanoise method.

Elaboration and Aging.- We make an extreme selection of the grapes. Gently pressed to obtain the flower must. The first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature between 15o-18oC for about 10 days. We have an underground cellar that maintains the ideal temperature and conditions for the second fermentation and aging process in the bottle. The second fermentation process takes place below 13o C, very slowly, in approximately three months and remains in contact with its lees for more than 60 months of aging, seeking the optimum level of fragrance and obtaining a fine and integrated bubble.

Clarified.- After aging, the bottle is placed inverted and the eighths of a turn are given to bring the sediment to the neck of the bottle.

Disgorgement. – The next step is to extract the lees “hot” (without freezing) in the purest traditional and artisanal style, leaving the sparkling wine completely clean and then adding the expedition liquor with food gold (E-175) mixing in the same bottle. We use the best corks to close the bottle.

Labeling.- The labels are made of gold-plated metal. We put each of them manually and all the bottles are accompanied by a certificate with their serial number and the name of the person who receives it.

Tasting note.- Pale yellow with fine bubbles that adhere to the gold scales, providing movement in the glass. Intense fruit (pineapple, apple …), pastry tones with a background of herbs and notes of quince. Balanced but intense, good release of well-integrated bubbles, long and persistent, final fruity aromas. The presence of gold gives a silky texture and a metallic tone difficult to distinguish if the mind or the palate …

Pairing.- This product accompanied in an excellent way to any food or any occasion, above all, it is a unique product for important moments and in allusion to ancient cultures that already use precious metals as food that we could say is a source health (eternal youth), money and love …

Alcohol and sugar.- Alcoholic degree 12% Vol. White, 13% Vol. Rosè Sugar 12 gr / l (customer can choose)

Content.- 75cl.

Serving temperature.- From 5º to 8ºC

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